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Cheese of the Week’s Interview Series: David Grotenstein

This is the first installment in a multi-part series in which Raymond Hook will interview influential people in the cheese world in order to provide a broader perspective on great cheeses in America and beyond.   The following is Hook’s interview with David Grotenstein, a NYC-based specialty food retailer consultant. A native New Yorker, Grotenstein is… Read more »

Cheese of the Week: Di Palo’s Fior Di Latte

About half a mile from my Manhattan home, in what remains of the heart of Little Italy, you’ll find the finest mozzarella cheese made in New York City. Technically not mozzarella – as mozzarella can only be made from the milk of the water buffalo – it is more properly named fior di latte. It… Read more »

Cheeses of the Week: Unika by Castello

This is the story of John Gynther, his quest to change cheese culture in Nordic countries, and the effects that his vision will have on cheese production worldwide. Gynther is the premium foods manager for the artisan cheese producer Unika by Castello, where, a decade ago, he was directed to develop a slate of new… Read more »

Cheese of the Week: Franklin’s Teleme

At first glance, the oozy, rectangular block of cheese called Teleme might look a lot like Taleggio, but don’t get them confused: whereas Taleggio is dense, Teleme, which was one of, if not the, first cheeses to be produced in the San Francisco Bay Area, is almost supernaturally light and fudgy, with bright flavors of… Read more »

Cheese of the Week: Manchego

Manchego is one of the most popular cheeses in the market, and arguably the most widely eaten sheep’s cheese outside of the pecorino family. It’s available at just about every cheese shop and most supermarkets these days, and is easily recognized by its zigzag greenish-gray waxy rind. But the manchego we’re talking about today is… Read more »