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Egg in the Hole Pimiento Grilled Cheese with Lemony Celery Slaw

This recipe is from Tia Keenan, a chef fromager, food industry consultant and cheese-industry pioneer based in New York City. Keenan has worked with celebrated resautrants Caselulla and The Modern as well as Murray’s Cheese and Bien Cuit Bakery. Her work has been praised in various media outlets, including Food & Wine, The New York Times, and The Cooking Channel.

Hooked on Cheese: Spotlight on Tomatoes

Wandering through my local farmers market earlier this week, I was struck by the huge range of tomatoes available nowadays: cherry and grape, Roma and pear, the traditional globe, the huge beefsteak, and all varieties of heirlooms. Being a die-hard cheese guy, naturally, I began to daydream about my favorite dishes that showcase both cheese… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Grilling Cheese

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s time to fire up those grills and get to cookin’. We all know that meat (real orvegetarian-friendly!) is the centerpiece of a great barbeque, but cheese has its place as well. Here are some suggestions — both traditional and creative — to add a little bit of cheese… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: The Versatile Crottin

I was recently invited over to a friend’s house for lunch on her rooftop patio to celebrate the return of the sunshine to New York City. It was a beautiful day for a city-style picnic and the fare was in tune with the weather: light and fresh, but still satisfying. The highlight of the meal… Read more »

October #Unprocessed Homemade Sriracha

I put sriracha sauce on everything, so I was dismayed to find added preservatives and thickening agents on the ingredient list of the brand I use. This inspired my contribution to the October #Unprocessed challenge: a recipe for healthy homemade sriracha. My favorite seasonal sriracha application is mixing it with peanut butter and cinnamon and… Read more »