Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy is an award-winning handcrafted cheesemaker based in Thomasville, GA. Since 2000, Sweet Grass Dairy has produced cheeses in an old-world fashion with careful attention to both quality and flavor. Their milk is sourced from one of their three family-owned farms, each of which practices New Zealand-style rotational grazing. This system moves animals regularly, strategically and systematically to a fresh pasture every 12-24 hours, which maximizes milk quality and quantity from each cow and maintains the integrity of the grass species and soil life. In just over a decade, Sweet Grass Dairy has won more than 20 ribbons from the American Cheese Society Competition as well as two internationally recognized awards. Sweet Grass is nationally known as one of the South’s biggest and best handcrafted cheesemakers.

Services provided: Brokerage, social media, marketing, demos.

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