Hooked on Cheese: Winter Exclusives

Winter is a great time to experience some fantastic cheeses.

If you’re in the mood for stellar cheese these days, it’s time to celebrate: some cheeses are exclusively available during the winter season. These primarily cow’s milk cheeses are flavorful due to the specific types of feed consumed by the cows at the time of milking.

In Memoriam: Ann-Marie Dyas: The Finest Cheesemonger I’ve Ever Known

The grande dame of British cheese influenced countless cheese lovers.

Fifteen years ago, I took a trip to England for a comprehensive tour of the origins of the best British cheeses. I visited Wensleydale in North Yorkshire, then the village of Colston Basset to learn about Stilton and the West County for an education in Cheddar. But it was a trip to Bath, nestled in the countryside of southwest England, where I was taught my most life-changing lesson.


HOOKED ON CHEESE: Cheese for Vegetarians

Cypress Grove’s famous goat cheeses are made with vegetable-based rennet.

I’ve been a vegetarian since the mid-1980s. For me, that means I don’t eat meat, fish, fowl, or any product made from them, with one exception: I do love to eat great caviar (fish eggs). We all have friends who are vegetarian to varying degrees and define their eating habits with unique parameters. What you may not know is that cheese can be a sticking point for many of them due to the nature of rennet, the agent used to separate curds from whey. (more…)

HOOKED ON CHEESE: Cheese with Altitude: the 2017 American Cheese Society Conference

The Denver conference brought some great cheeses under one roof.

From July 26–29, I traveled to Denver, Colorado to attend the 34th annual American Cheese Society Conference and Judging, cheekily entitled “Cheese with Altitude.” It was the perfect opportunity to see so many old cheese friends – from New York, San Francisco, and all points in between – and make some new ones as well. And then there was the cheese; so much great cheese.


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