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Hooked on Cheese: Five Completely Wild Cheese Pairings

This is part two of a series on cheese pairings. For part one, click here.   I eat cheese nearly every day, so you’d better believe I’ve paired it with countless accompaniments over the years. There are loads of standard items: honey, fresh fruit, crackers, nuts, etc. These are terrific options in that they’re versatile enough… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Big Cheese and Big(ger) Wine

Last weekend I was having dinner with my friend and business partner Bryan Crittenden when our chat turned to wine, specifically wines to pair with food. We had a big difference of opinion on the matter: I prefer dry white wines, with no or very light oak to complement and balance subtle food flavors, while… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Cheese Serving 101

I recently returned from San Francisco’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show, the year’s biggest West Coast specialty food convention by far. With 80,000 products on display and 1,500 vendors, this can be an overwhelming event, to say the least! But I’ve attended for so many years now that I’m pretty used to the sheer volume of products I… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Champagne-Worthy Cheeses for the New Year

I feel the same way about New Year’s Eve as I do about birthdays: meh. I don’t get too excited or go out of my way to celebrate, though I know I’m in the small minority.  But – and this is a big but – I love Champagne. Any reason to drink it and pair it with festive… Read more »