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Hooked on Cheese: An Oregon Love Story

Last Saturday evening, I trekked through the bitter cold down to the Lower East Side so I could meet up with my dear, perennially busy friend MJ. To lift my sprits – which, at that point, were frozen to the bone – MJ decided we should treat ourselves to some cheese and wine (which, to… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Dining Out on American Artisan Cheese

These days, my work often takes me to Baltimore, a city whose food culture I’ve gotten to know well over the past few years. There are so many restaurants that impress me in Charm City; this week alone, I discovered two innovative places. What stood out about both was how their menus made creative use… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: Raymond Hook’s 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show Finds

The annual Winter Fancy Food Show took place January 22-24, 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Our resident cheese expert Raymond Hook spent these three days perusing more than 80,000 specialty food items on display. Here’s a list of his five favorite items from the show. Keep an eye out for these innovative products as they hit the… Read more »

HOOKED ON CHEESE: The Evolution of American Original Cheese

I’ve been in the cheese business long enough to observe a huge shift in what “American original cheese” means. I can remember a time when the only American cheese (technically, “cheese product”) was Kraft Singles; today, many world-renowned cheeses are American originals.

Hooked on Cheese: Hangover Comfort Cheeses

We’re smack-dab in the middle of holiday party season and odds are there may be some over-imbibing in your near future – that is, if there hasn’t been already. Going overboard during the winter months happens to the best of us, myself included. Though I’d never claim to be able to cure a hangover, I do… Read more »