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HOOKED ON CHEESE: Cheese for Vegetarians

I’ve been a vegetarian since the mid-1980s. For me, that means I don’t eat meat, fish, fowl, or any product made from them, with one exception: I do love to eat great caviar (fish eggs). We all have friends who are vegetarian to varying degrees and define their eating habits with unique parameters. What you… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: A Week’s Worth of Pairings

What defines a great cheese pairing? There are endless possibilities, but truly unique unions are often hard to come by. Yes, we’ve all had blue cheese with walnuts and brie with water crackers, but isn’t there anything beyond?   Last week I was fortunate to have three fantastic pairing experiences, each one distinct and incredibly… Read more »

Hooked on Cheese: The Watermelon Challenge

At the end of every summer, I meet up with my dear friend Angel for a watermelon-eating contest. In case you’ve never seen me, I am a big ol’ country boy (I was once an All-State football player) and I’ve been eating whole melons my entire life.